Monday, February 12, 2007

OK new blog

It has been a while since I last posted and now I am 
starting over here on Blogger since Michelle wants 
to keep all the blogs on the same site.  

I have been working at Dell since the end of November.
  It's OK.  The pay is decent, but it is still a call center.  
There is growth potential but I need to get some microsoft
 certs.  I guess I need to start working on those.  

I had Christmas week off of work so was trying to get
 some things done.  One thing I needed to get done is 
sign a new lease with the house rental place.  When we 
went there Michelle decided to look at what other houses
 might be availabe and saw a rent to own that might 
work out better.  It has a 2 car garage so we can keep
 the klutter out of the house.

We spent Michelle's birthday at the doctor's office.  She
 and I both got physicals.  Since I now have insurance we 
wanted to do that. Not the best birthday.  The rest of the
 weekend was spent moving into the new house.  We had
 some help from Church members in taking 2 loads in the
 rented truck.  We are still unpacking and making it home

The 3 of us have caught some bug last week and it was not
 a nice one.  First Daniel got it, then Michelle, then me.  
You get real dizzy, have a bad cough and ache all over.  I spent 3 days off work with it.  Now I need to go get a 
doctors note saying I am well enough to  come back to work.

Well enough for now.  Hopefully I will keep this one more 
upto date.  And add to the family blog a bit.   

Sunday, January 7, 2007

image test

OK this is a test to see if inline images work

I am going to try to put several images in here between the texty

now I want to put a pic below the text. And it better make it there as that seems to be a problem.

If I have to do this manually I will not b happy.

OK now I am past the pic and ready to put another one below this text and see what happens.

Well this is not good. With Firefox running under Linux I can't add a second pic. It worked for the first pic. We did leave for several hours so that may be an issue. I think I need to try again

OK I had to restart this old PC and it still didn't work right. It put the image at the top of the page rather than where I wanted it. Looks like it can only go on the top of the page. I am going to play and see what I can do.

OK it looks like the images have to be manually moved in the html editor to have more than 1. That isn't fun, but I didn't have to host the image anywhere, just upload it with the blog.


Friday, January 5, 2007

first test

just seeing what I can do to help my wife with her blogger. Nothing to see here.